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Over the years I’ve learnt to guard my energy when it comes comes to friendship.

As I get older, I only want to surround myself with friends who not only take amazing selfies, but are good for me. Friends who are positive , supportive and respectful of me. Following the guidelines from Pure Smart Stylish -A Conscious Lifestyle : I remembered that  In order to have such amazing friends, I had to have a good relationship with myself first then I could be a good friend to others. As I always say we all want to receive flowers but when  was the last time you bought flowers for a friend?



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Develop your talent

It was 2006 when an airline pilot for South African airways came to our school, Park Town high school for girls in Johannesburg, for career day. The pilot spoke to us about the opportunities available in aviation. At that time, I had no idea that I will will end up flying, but I knew I loved the idea of it.  After high school my parents could only afford for me to train as a cabin crew member and at the end of the same year  I was able to get a job at South African Airways. After a year I quit my job at SAA. A lot of people asked me why I quit my job a year later with a national carrier, my answer was simple:  I would be comfortable in the job I had but will end up not growing in aviation.  I then joined south african express our regional airline which had a sponsorship program for pilots which I applied to without success. I was working for SA express for two years as cabin crew when I finally was accepted into the pilot training, but i ended up not completing my course.

I went back to work for the airline in a different city in south africa (Durban). I’ve always wanted to live in this city so when the opportunity came I grabbed it. A couple of months later while working in durban I learnt about a helicopter training program. I saw the advert in the paper for recruitment and I applied. Between then and now it has been almost four years of working in operations and admin in aviation until I finally starting my training to become a helicopter pilot. I now have just over 200 hours flying time  in a  helicopter. I will soon be testing  for my commercial helicopter pilots license.

Dreams are always planted within us and only develop when we are ready, as long as you are willing to keep working hard and continuing to keep your vision in mind you can achieve your goals. There are many routes to one destination. Keep dreaming.

Love Bassie

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Hairstyle – Braids

I love having my hair styled into braids, especially in winter . This year however,  I decided against braiding during winter season as I really wanted to look after my scalp and hairline by not pulling my hair. Since it’s a new season I decided to experiment with a different kind of braiding. Cornrows. There are so many different styles to choose from which made my decision so difficult. I then followed the guidelines from Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle to help me make my decision: I took into consideration the shape of my face, the undertone of my skin and my make up style. Now I must say that the amount of time spent sitting in the salon was worth it as I feel I made the right decision with my hairstyle.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your hair while you have braids:

  • Wash your hair once a week.
  • Apply hair oil on your wet scalp. (Especially your hairline)
  • Ensure you still spritz your hair with your daily moisturising spray.

Stay fabulous!


Bassie with braids

Bassie with cornrows

Bassie Pure Smart stylish real role model

Self care

Self care is one of the terms I’ve heard being thrown around lately on social media. I thought a lot about what it actually means to me. I looked at the areas in my life where I’m slacking in loving myself.  Loving myself despite my mistakes, loving myself despite my shortcomings and most importantly loving my self despite the disappointments. I’ve taken time lately to be gentle with myself. It is great to have high expectations of yourself but at times we let those expectations stand in the way of our happiness and mental health. One of my most favourite self care regimes is washing my hair. Funny right? I enjoy it because on some days I listen to my favourite music and on other days I would use that time to reflect. What is the one thing that you do that helps you reflect?  After reflecting I can say like in Pure Smart Stylish: ‘I am letting go of my past and fears. I am powerful and good enough to cope with my life, because life is beautiful’.