Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hormones – Don’t ignore the signs!


I have had an almost lifelong struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

This is the reason why I am very aware of how hormones can affect one’s weight, how you are feeling in general, your health i.e. insulin levels and cortisol, the appearance of your skin and many more. Don’t underestimate the effect hormones have in our everyday lives. If you don’t feel healthy it is much harder to be productive and live a happy life whereas if we feel great we tend to act in ways that attract positive outcomes in our lives.

The symptoms of my PCOS already started appearing as I reached my teenage years. I had abnormally heavy periods, gained an unhealthy amount of weight and the condition of my skin deteriorated. It was perceived as teenage hormones and it was recommended that I use a birth control pill to regulate my cycle and improve the condition of my skin. So off I went and started taking the pill which did improve all of the above symptoms, however I still struggled with my weight.

Fast forward many years down the line when I was 24 years old, I travelled a lot, using the pill become a hassle and I started wondering how healthy it was for me to continue with this for all my life. So, I discontinued taking the pill. After discontinuing, my hormones went crazy. My cycle completely stopped, I started experiencing hair loss and the condition of my skin became bad again.

I read up on hormones myself as I figured that it must be hormonal. In the end I thought that I may have PCOS because of the symptoms I experienced and after a visit to the gynaecologist it was confirmed: I had PCOS and with an ultra sound the cysts on my ovaries confirmed it (although cysts are not always present they say).

How did PCOS affect my body and my happiness?


Take a walk

I have a light Orange body type..

That means I tend more toward a Yellow body type than Red and therefor I am prone to an irregular metabolism and gaining some weight if I don’t get my move on.
I took to walking briskly around 40 minutes a day, 4 days a week if possible and I must say that I always feel great after I took a walk. I get some fresh air, enjoy the scenery and it helps clear my mind from my very busy and non-stop, Yellow type, thoughts.
Some health benefits too! and they may also include a reducing waistline, improving blood pressure and reducing risk of type 2 diabetes. If I want to step up the intensity I add some weight by strapping on some wrist weights, having me have to work a little harder which makes it an even better work out.
I am sure there are many more health benefits and if you’d prefer to speak to someone who specialises in health I am sure they will say that it is one of the best ways to keep healthy and happy.
Our bodies are our vessels for all we want to do and accomplish in this world, so we best keep our bodies and minds happy by taking care of them.

My opinion?Happy Body, Happy Life!

Take care!



It is that time of the year again where spring is in the air for the Southern Hemisphere and I am very much excited that summer is around the corner. However, it is Spring time and as they say we must enjoy and savour every season. Spring reminds me of new, fresh beginnings and in particular I am very fond of blossoms as it resembles new beginnings.  New and fresh beginnings are exciting and challenging and so I want to say, go and get a bunch of flowers for your office space or room and living space. This is a way of bringing in all the important colours mentioned in Pure Smart Stylish into your space. My two choices for this season is YELLOW and RED. The colour YELLOW encourages CHEERFULNESS, PERSONAL POWER, INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY and OPEN MINDEDNESS for embracing the NEW. The colour RED for an increase in energy and for SELF CONFIDENCE, which is so important for success and staying motivated. It is amazing what a difference this colourful add on does to my mood, making me happy and feel great to catch a glimpse of this beautiful gift from nature. Better yet, give your friends flowers and it will be special for them and in this way we pass all our positive energy on to each other. For the ladies in the Northern Hemisphere, no need to wait for Spring time to also do the same! Have a nice day! Love Nerine