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Over the years I’ve learnt to guard my energy when it comes comes to friendship.

As I get older, I only want to surround myself with friends who not only take amazing selfies, but are good for me. Friends who are positive , supportive and respectful of me. Following the guidelines from Pure Smart Stylish -A Conscious Lifestyle : I remembered that  In order to have such amazing friends, I had to have a good relationship with myself first then I could be a good friend to others. As I always say we all want to receive flowers but when  was the last time you bought flowers for a friend?



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Develop your talent

It was 2006 when an airline pilot for South African airways came to our school, Park Town high school for girls in Johannesburg, for career day. The pilot spoke to us about the opportunities available in aviation. At that time, I had no idea that I will will end up flying, but I knew I loved the idea of it.  After high school my parents could only afford for me to train as a cabin crew member and at the end of the same year  I was able to get a job at South African Airways. After a year I quit my job at SAA. A lot of people asked me why I quit my job a year later with a national carrier, my answer was simple:  I would be comfortable in the job I had but will end up not growing in aviation.  I then joined south african express our regional airline which had a sponsorship program for pilots which I applied to without success. I was working for SA express for two years as cabin crew when I finally was accepted into the pilot training, but i ended up not completing my course.

I went back to work for the airline in a different city in south africa (Durban). I’ve always wanted to live in this city so when the opportunity came I grabbed it. A couple of months later while working in durban I learnt about a helicopter training program. I saw the advert in the paper for recruitment and I applied. Between then and now it has been almost four years of working in operations and admin in aviation until I finally starting my training to become a helicopter pilot. I now have just over 200 hours flying time  in a  helicopter. I will soon be testing  for my commercial helicopter pilots license.

Dreams are always planted within us and only develop when we are ready, as long as you are willing to keep working hard and continuing to keep your vision in mind you can achieve your goals. There are many routes to one destination. Keep dreaming.

Love Bassie

happy new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

People who read my book know that I am using songs to bring a message.

My message for 2018?
Go and trust the wind which will start blowing from today. A new Year, A new wind. It will bring changes in
your life. Trust this wind of changes. Please do so!

Because I am so happy with this new year I will give you my ebook for free, only in January though, so be quick and subscribe here to grap your copy!

Enjoy  2018! Love, Angelique

Meghan Markle Prince Harry engagement

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry (dark orange) and Meghan Markle(light orange) are engaged. I am so happy for them.  She is a good example for being a pure, smart & stylish, strong and unique woman.

A Real Role model.

A perfect match based on my DNA color Method. But also a good match because like Princess Kate, Meghan too did the rules on Harry. You can call this old fashioned. These 2 girls achieved to get a very good partner and lifestyle with it.

the 2 authors, Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider (they wrote a nice comment on my book) are very famous in the USA. With their rules, which I changed a bit into the typical European style, we all helped already a lot of women.

Especially the unique strong women of which everyone thinks they can get the most handsome, clever boys.

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The Rules Event!

We are planning this special event with these 2 special ladies Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider in April 2018 in London.
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Menorca – I love it!


I arrived in Menorca in 2005. Fate put me in Ciudadela.

It was to be a 12 day holiday and, against all expectations, became the new place where I live.

Menorca, one of the islands that make up the Balearics.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and, accordingly, nature is everywhere. Menorca is more than its beautiful beaches, which have nothing to envy the Caribbean ones. Menorca wakes up early and there’s a beautiful habit of having breakfast in any café, where you can always meet some acquaintance and share those moments that allow you to socialize. It’s usual to find groups of 8 or 10 people having a coffee in some terrace early in the morning.

But what surprised  me the most about this island and its inhabitants was the great love and dedication they have towards culture in any of its facets. Almost everyone plays a musical instrument, loves reading, theatre, painting, and that dedication is passed from generation to generation.

The quality of life is undeniable. It’s possible to buy vegetables and fruit fresh off some orchard, farmyard eggs and then go to “Mercat des Peix” and buy fish recently dropped off the boats.People spend a lot of time playing sports. At seven in the morning you see the young and the elder in tracksuits going for a walk, and even a swim in the ocean, whether it’s summer or winter.  They go for a “caladeta”, which in Menorquín (the language of Menorca) means a little swim in the cove.There’s another custom, which takes place often, especially when the good weather arrives, which is dining out together in a group, on the beach. Each person prepares the typical savoury cakes at home, and “sofrit” sandwiches (vegetable stir-fry), “formatjades” (savoury cheesecakes), everything tucked into the traditional wicker baskets alongside some drinks, and it becomes a nice prelude to simple and magical sunsets by the ocean.

Have you ever been in Menorca? Please leave a comment, I would really like to know what your experience is with Menorca!

Love, Marta

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Smiling – a positive thought spiral

While jealousy is a perfect example of a negative non-verbal power thought, a smile is its positive counterpart. You can dress beautifully, apply make up, get yourself a great haircut and a fun look to try to show the outside world how seemingly happy you are, but ultimately you’ll have to admit that people find you the most attractive when you radiate love. Love that comes from deep inside. Love for one another, but also for yourself. A smile that is so etched in your face that it won’t disappear, not even with gum, vinegar, Botox or other means. And you certainly wouldn’t want it to, because I’ll eat my hat if you show people your smile with crow’s feet and it doesn’t make them happy.

Just remember the first time you were in love. When you first fall in love you get all the attention you want. You glow, you laugh, and you love yourself, just because you feel loved. You’re happy, satisfied and feel healthy. All of which you show to others. People smile back at you because you’re smiling at the outside world. Everyone knows that you’re happy. You couldn’t possibly give a more beautiful gift.

Our Real Role Models know this and use this free power thought every day!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hormones – Don’t ignore the signs!


I have had an almost lifelong struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

This is the reason why I am very aware of how hormones can affect one’s weight, how you are feeling in general, your health i.e. insulin levels and cortisol, the appearance of your skin and many more. Don’t underestimate the effect hormones have in our everyday lives. If you don’t feel healthy it is much harder to be productive and live a happy life whereas if we feel great we tend to act in ways that attract positive outcomes in our lives.

The symptoms of my PCOS already started appearing as I reached my teenage years. I had abnormally heavy periods, gained an unhealthy amount of weight and the condition of my skin deteriorated. It was perceived as teenage hormones and it was recommended that I use a birth control pill to regulate my cycle and improve the condition of my skin. So off I went and started taking the pill which did improve all of the above symptoms, however I still struggled with my weight.

Fast forward many years down the line when I was 24 years old, I travelled a lot, using the pill become a hassle and I started wondering how healthy it was for me to continue with this for all my life. So, I discontinued taking the pill. After discontinuing, my hormones went crazy. My cycle completely stopped, I started experiencing hair loss and the condition of my skin became bad again.

I read up on hormones myself as I figured that it must be hormonal. In the end I thought that I may have PCOS because of the symptoms I experienced and after a visit to the gynaecologist it was confirmed: I had PCOS and with an ultra sound the cysts on my ovaries confirmed it (although cysts are not always present they say).

How did PCOS affect my body and my happiness?



I have been on a date yesterday!

Yes it was on Tinder I met him,  I swiped and we have been told it was a match. Yesterday evening I met him in person.

It is a great guy. Full of good manners. I didn’t think this was possible anymore. He helped me in my jacket, was polite and gentle, asked me about my life, didn’t talked too much of his, pulled out the chair for me…and paid the bill. Too old fashion you think? No.. I love it.

Etiquette isn’t fussy, but in fact gives a feminine touch to your whole being. Many men are now accustomed to women paying for themselves. But on a first date, they still like it more if they can pay. So let yourself be pampered and allow yourself to be vulnerable and dependent that first time. You’ll see that it will be appreciated. In many southern European and South American countries, it is not done for a woman to pay. It should therefore never be done, even if she has more money than he does. Don’t pick the most expensive drink or dish. You have your pride and you shouldn’t take advantage of him. Hey! You’re a pure smart stylish girl, and these girls don’t do this kind of things.

But always :Bring your own money with you. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is always good to have your own cash on you. Remember in particular cash for the parking meter, taxi or a tip or if the guy wants to go dutch on a first date.

He was also fun to be with, intelligent and I have to admit very attractive. And yes, he asked me for a second date. So I am happy. This will be not a one night stand, no,  this guy can be Mr. Right for me, so he hasn’t seen my naked body. I want him to be interested and wanting. I will follow some rules, he doesn’t know that, doesn’t need to know this. Most of my girlfriends doesn’t understand my new rules.

Rules of dating, Rules of being a pure smart stylish girl, a creature unlike any other!

Keep you girls posted.

Have fun in the meantime!

Love, Mystery

Fast sugars

Fast sugars are sugars that are absorbed directly into your blood..

and therefore cause a sudden increase and shortly thereafter a significant drop in your blood sugar. This leads to an imbalance in your hormone levels, which affects your mood, your eating needs and eventually your weight. Occasional sugar consumption isn’t a disaster, but sugar is often hidden under a different name in your product. Gglucose, fructose, dextrose, starch, many types of carbs, they are all sugars. So take a close look at the ingredients to see everything that’s in your food. You’re probably eating more sugar than you intended.

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A conscious lifestyle


Maybe it is time to tell something about myself.

When I was in my twenties my insecurity came up. I wasn’t happy with my body and my face. To cover up my insecurity I started to work extra hard and never complained. Work what had to be done by my coworkers, landed on my desk because Karen never complained and always got the work done. I always thought that when I worked hard and put in some extra effort, people would appreciate me more.
What I discovered was that, because I never indicated my boundaries, people were walking all over me. Now I know that because of my insecurity I had no self-respect. Because of that, other people would treat me just like I treated myself, without Respect!

It had even more impact, my lack of confidence and self-respect. I started to attract the wrong men in my life. My first husband was always putting me down and always said to me that I was to heavy and had to lose weight. My second husband was narcissistic and cheated on me many times. You can imagine that these relationships where very bad for my self-esteem.

I did a lot of