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Develop your talent

It was 2006 when an airline pilot for South African airways came to our school, Park Town high school for girls in Johannesburg, for career day. The pilot spoke to us about the opportunities available in aviation. At that time, I had no idea that I will will end up flying, but I knew I loved the idea of it.  After high school my parents could only afford for me to train as a cabin crew member and at the end of the same year  I was able to get a job at South African Airways. After a year I quit my job at SAA. A lot of people asked me why I quit my job a year later with a national carrier, my answer was simple:  I would be comfortable in the job I had but will end up not growing in aviation.  I then joined south african express our regional airline which had a sponsorship program for pilots which I applied to without success. I was working for SA express for two years as cabin crew when I finally was accepted into the pilot training, but i ended up not completing my course.

I went back to work for the airline in a different city in south africa (Durban). I’ve always wanted to live in this city so when the opportunity came I grabbed it. A couple of months later while working in durban I learnt about a helicopter training program. I saw the advert in the paper for recruitment and I applied. Between then and now it has been almost four years of working in operations and admin in aviation until I finally starting my training to become a helicopter pilot. I now have just over 200 hours flying time  in a  helicopter. I will soon be testing  for my commercial helicopter pilots license.

Dreams are always planted within us and only develop when we are ready, as long as you are willing to keep working hard and continuing to keep your vision in mind you can achieve your goals. There are many routes to one destination. Keep dreaming.

Love Bassie


Energy takers

Some relationships give you energy, some relationships derive your body and soul of energy. So called: Energy takers: People who only derive joy out of bringing others into their well of pity, self-loathing, complaining, or drama.

I am sure you know too someone like that.
These kinds of people never taking responsibility for their own lives and always complaining about something. If you are vulnerable for this kind of energy and because you’re dealing with their negative energy, it helps to know how to prevent negativity from others.

If you have read my book or have followed the method Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle, you know that I am using colours a lot. Colours to look at in paintings or colours in clothes you wear.


If you use the power of red and or orange it will be helpful for protecting your personal energy from the energy taker.

Only wear black colours when you are around people you know, like and trust. If the energy in a room is negative and you’re wearing black, you may come away absorbing others negativity, leaving you feeling drained or energetically attacked and that’s not what we want, right?

The color white, like heaven and angels, serves as a protector and helps to give you more authority.

Try it and feel how it works. Let me know okay?

ps. Wanna know more about the effects of colours? Read my ebook or book and learn  how colours can affect you and others. 


Mr. Selfridge

In my spare time I like to watch series and movies on Netflix. Recently I started watching the series Mr. Selfridge.

It is about an American businessman starting a warehouse on Oxford Street in London in 1909.
It is fun to see how conservative everything was in that time. One thing I do like about the nineteen hundreds. It is the way how everybody gets treated. Everyone is very polite and talks with great respect to each other. Always Miss and Mrs. All the men treating the women with respect and courtesy. When they like a woman they always make the first move by buying her flowers and presents and taking her out, holding the door and most of all, picking up the bill.
I wish we could go back to that time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very independent woman, making my own money being self-employed and raising two daughters on my own. I like being independent but I also like etiquette and respect.  Men should be men and women should be women. I think that every woman, even if they are independent, like to be treated with respect and like being spoiled. I think that most men like to spoil women if we only would let him. Maybe it is a good idea to teach children in school, but also at home, etiquette and good manners. We need to teach men how to treat a woman and women need to learn to tone down a little and let them be men, when it comes to dating. There is nothing submissive about it and it shouldn’t be labeled as old fashioned. It should be something of all times.

Love Karen

Painting pure smart stylish nr 3

Feng Shui Images are so important

Feng Shui expert Katy Weber, a famous American feng shui consultant, also agrees with me: there have been many times when I’ve seen artwork that brings positive results to peoples’ lives.

“There are also times when I see artwork that negatively influences their happiness, their health, and in some cases, their life.

Even the placement of artwork has implications on what happens in your life and how you view yourself, if money is a problem or if your health suffers.

Why? Because what you see is often what you get in life. It is like a power thought. Negative or positive.

If that energy is positive from an image, picture or painting, the flow is positive. If it is negative, the energy goes that way, too.

A client was unhappy in her marriage but had never really noticed how many images of a single, melancholy woman looking off into the distance were placed around her home, much like the image above of a solitary woman.

Relationship isolation

She wondered if those images where impacting her marriage, making her feel alone, isolated and forlorn herself. So, she set about taking those images down and putting up images of a happy couple, pairs of objects and got rid of the single, isolated woman. She – and her husband – immediately noticed a difference and have remained married and are happy together.


Another client suffered from despondency, lack of a love relationship, and weight gain. After looking at her entire home, I couldn’t see a reason for her problems with depression, but there was one last room to see – her bedroom. It was looking fine, too, until we turned around to go back downstairs to the main living area.That’s when I saw on the wall opposite the bedroom stairs was a large blue painting of a single woman crying”. As Katy explains.

Based on my theory of the Numerology (chapter 5 of the book Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle) Karen Krist made beautiful paintings with each your personal colors which can help you with the energy your body and mind needs. So have a look at our webshop and put your personal number on your screen or wall to have your mind filled with good energy.

Have a great day!