Audrey Hepburn Pure Smart Stylish



How can we be unique and authentic if we continue to chase “the other” who is seemingly perfect and constantly forced upon you through various media and fashion industry, whether we like it or not. Accepting & loving yourself thus becomes increasingly difficult, because of the constant pursuit of the other only increases your own insecurity, as the current outer and inner ideal does not tolerate differences. This is frustrating, tiring and bad for your health. Drastic diets and surgery only serve to further strengthen this insecurity. We pay little attention to the impact this could have on our body and mind. Because what exactly is “beautiful, slim, perfect? These are all subjective concepts. They mean different things to different people.
Every feature, both physical and mental, has advantages and disadvantages. It’s precisely your unique set of features that makes you the ideal girlfriend, woman, colleague or business partner. Are people who deviate from the current beauty ideal not good enough for the outside world? Can’t they just be pure?
Of course they can! And together, we women, can make this clear to the outside world.
“All women deserve to be seen, especially you!” – Angelique