Rally de Charme
12-14 June 2020 Andorra

A waypoint to a happy be you!

Not the kind of Rally you probably imagine, this Rally de Charme is for WOMEN ONLY!

You don’t need to drive fast, you just have to be Pure Smart and Stylish.
We will provide you with a roadbook and you will have to resolve the funny and very entertaining little “hurdles” you will find on your way…. It will be a great weekend.

Why you don’t want to miss out this unique Rally?

  • Discover Andorra, the center of 3 countries  
  • Being ambitious and sportive in a nice way
  • Create your personal lifestyle
  • Develop your talents
  • Explore new business synergies
  • Making new friends
  • Learning new things in a rib-tickling way
  • Learn how to be even more attractive
  • Driving in a beautiful scenery
  • Being indulged by us
  • Quality time
  • All-in meet and experience weekend 
  • Heaps of FUN!