Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hormones – Don’t ignore the signs!


I have had an almost lifelong struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

This is the reason why I am very aware of how hormones can affect one’s weight, how you are feeling in general, your health i.e. insulin levels and cortisol, the appearance of your skin and many more. Don’t underestimate the effect hormones have in our everyday lives. If you don’t feel healthy it is much harder to be productive and live a happy life whereas if we feel great we tend to act in ways that attract positive outcomes in our lives.

The symptoms of my PCOS already started appearing as I reached my teenage years. I had abnormally heavy periods, gained an unhealthy amount of weight and the condition of my skin deteriorated. It was perceived as teenage hormones and it was recommended that I use a birth control pill to regulate my cycle and improve the condition of my skin. So off I went and started taking the pill which did improve all of the above symptoms, however I still struggled with my weight.

Fast forward many years down the line when I was 24 years old, I travelled a lot, using the pill become a hassle and I started wondering how healthy it was for me to continue with this for all my life. So, I discontinued taking the pill. After discontinuing, my hormones went crazy. My cycle completely stopped, I started experiencing hair loss and the condition of my skin became bad again.

I read up on hormones myself as I figured that it must be hormonal. In the end I thought that I may have PCOS because of the symptoms I experienced and after a visit to the gynaecologist it was confirmed: I had PCOS and with an ultra sound the cysts on my ovaries confirmed it (although cysts are not always present they say).

How did PCOS affect my body and my happiness?

PCOS goes together with insulin resistance and lowered levels of Progesterone. This revealed a lot to me about why I struggle to lose weight around my waist and why I am sometimes overly emotional.

After self education with blogs of other women struggling with the same condition and the internet I have managed to manage my PCOS. My PCOS symptoms really improved when I started using a natural progesterone cream and making changes to my diet. My cycle became regular again, my skin improved and I was able to manage my weight better. All this I did WITHOUT using medication with dangerous SIDE EFFECTS.

The message that I am trying to bring across is that it is of vital importance to understand your body and how the condition of your health/hormones have an influence on every aspect of your day-to-day life — physically and emotionally. After I have figured out how PCOS affects me I could and still can make more conscious decisions, from choosing the most appropriate food to eat up to handling situations without the unreasonable emotions when it wants to creep in. Being consciously aware about it has improved my life tremendously. As a friend of mine says: “treat the cause, not the symptoms”.

I would love to hear some other stories about experiencing difficulties with hormones and success stories are always amazing to know about.

Have a fab day!


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