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I am Karen Krist, single mother of 2 beautiful daughters and born on the 23rd of September 1968. 
I am a 38 in numerology and I have a purple body structure according to the Pure Smart Stylish method. I see myself as an authentic, creative and emphatic person. 19 Years ago I decided to pursue my dreams becoming a makeup artist. Because of my work I know all about the insecurities of women. Insecurity about their faces and bodies. I love to show women how they can be their authentic selfs with a little touch up in make-up, hair and clothes so they can be more confident being themselves and feeling more confident in life. 

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Hello, pure smart stylish women! I am Angelique Broers, an Orange Dutch girl, 38/11 and living in South of France and Andorra. Best of both worlds because the sun always shines overhere. I have been an image consultant, personal stylist and interior decorator for many years. (read more on In 2014 I started writing my book and created the Method Pure Smart Stylish - a conscious lifestyle. With this community I would like to bring back more: style, pureness, good behaviour and awareness. " All women deserve to be seen, especially you! " Looking forward to meet you on our site!

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I am an light orange girl with 28/10 as life path number. I am a qualified commercial pilot taking on a new venture in entrepreneurship. As I made some big changes in my life recently, Pure Smart Stylish guidelines are guiding me through this process in making the smart decisions I need to make at this point in my life. From my career to relationships and encourages me to be the woman I really can be. Since I have this guide I understand what a conscious lifestyle is about and strive to live a conscious lifestyle more and more every day. So please follow me to hear more about my changed attitude and lifestyle. Best regards from South Africa! Nerine

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Hi girls, I live in South Africa and I am an 31/4 and Green, enthusiastic, creative and vibrant woman who enjoys socialising and helping others achieve their dreams. My job? Helicopter pilot, how cool is this. And passionated blog writer about lifestyle and my hair 🙂 I love the fact that Pure Smart Stylish is a lifestyle that embraces a woman's individuality whilst encouraging her to understand herself better. So follow my blogs and learn more about my life.

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Bonjour! I am Eve, French girl living in the south of France. I am a teacher Spanish and very ambitious in learning about life in general. I translated the book into French and like Angelique I am an orange girl too. My life path number is 37/10. I like to travel and would like you to tell more about my life in la douce France. I will write these blogs in French and Spanish! Bonjour à tous et à toutes ! J'ai 28 ans et je suis professeur d'espagnol. Je suis la traductrice de Pure Intelligente Elégante – une style de vie conscient et j'ai également commenté le livre en y ajoutant mes impressions et mon ressenti vis-à-vis des conseils et expériences d'Angelique Broers. J'aime les langues étrangères, les sorties entre amies et je suis passionnée de voyages. J'aime me connaître moi-même, mes points forts et mes points faibles afin de m'améliorer et de poursuivre mes objectifs. À bientôt !

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Hello everyone, my name is Nicke Smeets. I am Dutch, live in Utrecht and full time mother of a beautiful babyboy. I am light orange and my life path number is 34/7. Creativity, contact with nature and good food are key elements in my lifestyle. I have edited and provided the book Pure Smart Stylish - a conscious lifestyle with my comments as a young woman on the methods shared by Angelique. In a world of diets, trends and perfect bodies, this practical lifestyle guide gives you the tools to draw strength and confidence from within. It made me more aware of my qualities and weaknesses. I love to write about food and good health. Hope you'll give your comments on what I write. See you!

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