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Self care

Self care is one of the terms I’ve heard being thrown around lately on social media. I thought a lot about what it actually means to me. I looked at the areas in my life where I’m slacking in loving myself.  Loving myself despite my mistakes, loving myself despite my shortcomings and most importantly loving my self despite the disappointments. I’ve taken time lately to be gentle with myself. It is great to have high expectations of yourself but at times we let those expectations stand in the way of our happiness and mental health. One of my most favourite self care regimes is washing my hair. Funny right? I enjoy it because on some days I listen to my favourite music and on other days I would use that time to reflect. What is the one thing that you do that helps you reflect?  After reflecting I can say like in Pure Smart Stylish: ‘I am letting go of my past and fears. I am powerful and good enough to cope with my life, because life is beautiful’.



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