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Smiling – a positive thought spiral

While jealousy is a perfect example of a negative non-verbal power thought, a smile is its positive counterpart. You can dress beautifully, apply make up, get yourself a great haircut and a fun look to try to show the outside world how seemingly happy you are, but ultimately you’ll have to admit that people find you the most attractive when you radiate love. Love that comes from deep inside. Love for one another, but also for yourself. A smile that is so etched in your face that it won’t disappear, not even with gum, vinegar, Botox or other means. And you certainly wouldn’t want it to, because I’ll eat my hat if you show people your smile with crow’s feet and it doesn’t make them happy.

Just remember the first time you were in love. When you first fall in love you get all the attention you want. You glow, you laugh, and you love yourself, just because you feel loved. You’re happy, satisfied and feel healthy. All of which you show to others. People smile back at you because you’re smiling at the outside world. Everyone knows that you’re happy. You couldn’t possibly give a more beautiful gift.

Our Real Role Models know this and use this free power thought every day!

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