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We, Karen & Angelique, want to bring back: Respect, Uniqueness & Style into this world.









Angelique Broers 

Over the years Angelique has given lots of image lectures, trainings and workshops for big companies like Beijersdorf (nivea),ING and Rabobank, Insurance companies, Retail shops and many more. She published her first book Pure Smart Stylish - a conscious lifestyle in 2016 which has been translated into 4 languages now!

With her entertaining, interactive and educative way of speaking her message will be brought on a natural, enthusiastic and pleasant way. What is her message? Make your company image stronger by making your employees strong & unique personalties. Next tot that she helps private people to find back their uniqueness and strength and she helps people to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right or friendships by coaching in private sessions or on the offline special events of Meet & Experience.
It’s Angelique’s ambition to get more people more conscious about their lives & lifestyle, and she shares her practical life lessons with love and enthusiasm. Do you want better results for your organisation by making your employees strong again, or you want to get a better lifestyle or a happy love life?
Than Angelique is looking forward to meet you.

                                                                              Karen Krist

In my twenties I wasn’t happy with my body-shape and my looks in general. I tried to hide my insecurities by putting on a mask of a confidence woman.Karen Krist
My lack of self-confidence made that I needed confirmation continuously of other people. Attracted the wrong relationships, in business and in private life.
and these relationships, were bad for my self-esteem. I wanted to rediscover my self confident me. The book and the method “Pure Smart Stylish – a conscious lifestyle", has really helped me how to be my genuine self. By knowing my personal color DNA, which helped me embrace my natural body-shape ánd by using power thoughts, I created the life I really want. I love to work together with Angelique and as a make-up artist & stylist, I can help people to embrace their perfect imperfections too. Loving yourself is the most important thing in life. It will help you never to cross your personal boundaries ever again, and to remain an unique and strong personality.


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Hello, nice to welcome you here! I am Angelique Broers, an Orange Dutch girl, 38/11 and living in Andorra and Thailand. I have been an entrepreneur for many years. With my companies in interior decoration and Image Consultancy I brought more colour and awareness in other people's life. Read more about me on www.angeliquebroers.com. In 2014 I started writing my book and created the Method Pure Smart Stylish. It's my mission to give people the possibility to learn more about who they really are, what they are capable of and how to be a respectful, unique and strong personality in a pure smart stylish way. Of course! 🙂

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I am Karen Krist, single mother of 2 beautiful daughters and born on the 23rd of September 1968. 
I am a 38 in numerology and I have a purple body structure according to the Pure Smart Stylish method. I see myself as an authentic, creative and emphatic person. 19 Years ago I decided to pursue my dreams becoming a makeup artist. Because of my work I know all about the insecurities of men & women. Insecurity about their faces and bodies. I love to show women how they can be their authentic selfs with a little touch up in make-up, hair and clothes so they can be more confident being themselves and feeling more confident in life. 

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